• Cyclone Idai - ADRA Relief

    Announced by Taku Hakata on Mar 20 2019

    Cyclone Idai has created havoc across the southern part of Africa. ADRA offices in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi are responding to help people affected by the cyclone leaving behind additional destruction, households displaced, and lives lost. We need your help to respond.
    Your donation to our emergency fund will be help us to impact lives right now.
    Please donate here:

  • Pathfinder Bible Experience USA

    Announced by Taku Hakata on Mar 12 2019

    After a lot of hard work and study of the book of Luke.
    Our Pathfinder team(similar to scouts) made it through the Union level(third stage) for the Pathfinder Bible Experience(Quiz).
    This means they have qualified to go through to the next level which takes place in USA, Chicago.

    This takes place in just over a month on the 26th/27th of April.
    We need to raise money for tickets, and accomodation for 9 individuals.

    Please help us to raise money for our deserving team to be able to make it to the States.
    God bless you